What up Wyoming

What up Wyoming! The Internet. I never get to use it much. So this update is probably going to the only one for awhile. Sux!

My job Rox0rs! I’ve been training all this week, and I just finished the first “phase” of my training. My trainer Shannon said I was doing pretty good. (Hi Shannon!) She’s cool. I’m going to sell toys!… and stuff. On tuesday I start phase II of my training!

My new apartment sux a lot! My actual room is alright. My Roommates are okay. But … Seriously. The bathroom was horrible! The kitchen was and is infested with roaches! I just laid out some Combat Gel today, and sprayed around some raid. The place kinda smells like insecticide, I doubt my roommates would notice. The router, for the Cable is set on the floor right by this cabinet in the kitchen. And yeah as always the router is something that is always on. Which means what? It is very warm. Cause of the constant flow of electricity. Anyone know where I’m going with this? The router is freaking gross, at any given moment you can see about 5 roaches crawling on top of it, and several of them crawling in and out of them. I live in Joe’s apartment. I am Joe. And they don’t talk. They aren’t friendly. At they wont be building any parks for me. They are basically keeping me away from the kitchen, I shiver when ever I see them. Hopefully my insect killing efforts are going to annihilate enough of them to a point where I wouldn’t mind buying any food. For now I’m eating out, all the time, every time. I just cant even fathom eating or putting any food in that kitchen.

I’m going to go check out some more apartments this coming week. Hopefully I can find something I like and I think I can afford. Either way for now I’m going to have to suffer in Joe’s apartment. Oh well.

Later. Keep on trucking

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