Fighting Back.

Several hundred dead. They keep coming. I’m fighting them off as many as I can. I thought I had them beat. On the morning rise not a single one in sight. Then around 18 hundred hours. One was spotted. A scout perhaps. Soon there were more. I fought back valiantly. Maybe about 20 of them died. There will be more. We’ll see how long they will last. Soon they shall all perish……
~Zerg Defense Infantry

Going to look at an apartment tomorrow. This one is in a great spot. I hope the insides are good. If its worth it then I might just be like, give me a pen. This time though I’m checking all drawers and cabinets. I’m going to inspect every apartment like Consumer Affairs and the DEP inspected Chinkies. Any droppings or dead carcasses are a sign of past battles. And I don’t want to be having that.

Time’s have been rough. My bank account just seems to be getting lower and lower. Not a single deposit for about 3 weeks, maybe more. Hopefully there will be a pay check coming sometime soon. Who knows. We will see what happens. I hope I get one soon. Then i can start measuring my expenses against real numbers.

anyways ill be back

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