I have a sore throat. And my body is tired and aching. All I want to do is sit in Air Conditioning, but I don’t think we are going to install the air conditioner just yet.

Yesterday Andrea and I went for a long walk through Prospect Park. It was a bit of a hike and towards the end I was ready for a cold shower and long nap.

That night we went with Eff, to a Louisianan/Italian Restaurant that was amazing. Two Boots in Park Slope.

Now I’m sitting in my hot room sweating my sore throat away. I don’t think its working. I fear that this will last for sometime now. I think I need to swallow some draino or something to kill the bacteria in my mouth. Or whatever it is.


Played me some Survivor L4D this morning. Val was right, its quite fun. But I had nothing but noobs to play with so it was a bit annoying.


I don’t feel like going out, but i will probably end be being forced to.

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