Some blog guidelines

bored on the train…

1. Never talk about work negatively
2. Never talk about co workers negatively or ever at all
3. Avoid defamation of any kind
4. Don't say things like "Khris smells like a monkey's butt."
5. Don't say anything that would negatively effect your reputation
6. Remember, this is not a diary
7. If you blog during a work meeting/conference do not say that you are blogging during a work meeting/conference
8. Understand that there really is no reason for you to have this blog.
9. Blog knowing anyone can read it
10. Blog knowing no one is ever going to read it
11. Avoid copywrite infringement or plagiarism
12. If you are blogging because you have nothing better to do, then go find something better to do instead

-Keep on trucking

Space Pod Job

I had this weird dream last night.

In the dream I was flying around in this space pod that was launched from earth. It was rather small. And the reason I was flying around in it, is because it was my job to check up and maintain some sort of installation on a space station.

When I get to the space station I find that on the surface of the space station there is a small modern earth city built on it. I think the city was built to house one person. Like the person was some sort of experimental mutant or something living in this fake city. When I get there though, I fly around at a low altitude just observing. There is a part of the dream where I’m flying around in a department store and to exit the department store I decide to fly right through the biggest window I can find. I find that window at the store entrance right above the doors. When I hit the window I easily crash right through the glass and into the open. There’s a lake out side of the store and I fly over that to gain altitude.

Eventually, for some reason I come to the conclusion that whatever I came to do at the space station just can’t be done today so I decide I better return to earth. When I punch in the commands into my navigation computer to return back to earth (which functioned much like a handheld GPS) it says that the journey will take 5 hours. This is when I start thinking that I just used the space pod to fly out to a space station, did nothing, and am now returning premature. Whatever work or maintenance I would have done would normally have taken a day or two. So basically I just wasted a ton of company time and company money for nothing. That’s when I decide to cancel the return to home on the navigation computer and just drift in space until the next day; just so that it looks like I spent some time doing something out in space.

Sometime after that decision, the dream shifts to my apartment/house. I say apartment/house because it is kind of like a mix of both my current apartment and my mother’s house. * I’m with Judy and she needs to get to the airport to fly back to Buffalo. After trying to hurry her ass up to get packed we run into Eric and Eff. It turns out Eric had been staying over also and has to catch a flight today too, though their airports and airlines are different.

This is around where the dream ends.