Some blog guidelines

bored on the train…

1. Never talk about work negatively
2. Never talk about co workers negatively or ever at all
3. Avoid defamation of any kind
4. Don't say things like "Khris smells like a monkey's butt."
5. Don't say anything that would negatively effect your reputation
6. Remember, this is not a diary
7. If you blog during a work meeting/conference do not say that you are blogging during a work meeting/conference
8. Understand that there really is no reason for you to have this blog.
9. Blog knowing anyone can read it
10. Blog knowing no one is ever going to read it
11. Avoid copywrite infringement or plagiarism
12. If you are blogging because you have nothing better to do, then go find something better to do instead

-Keep on trucking

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