so i had some weird dreams this weekend…

first it started out that my parents, my sister, and my grandparents (linda and john) came to visit me in nyc. so we all were just walking around and we came to a park…which was a lot like pells park in paxton…small. there was some kind of festival there though so we were doing stuff there. then we decided to part ways to get ready to go out for my grandparents went to their hotel, my family to theirs and me and don to our apartment. when i got home though i was like “i forgot my purse, my phone, my ipod, my camera and my car at the park!” honestly how do you forget a car? i dont know but it’s a dream…so i’m upset but i’m still getting ready to go eat.

me and don get to the restaurant first and get a table. i get pissed and i’m like “i’m going to the park to get my stuff!” my grandma called to say that she had my car so now i just was missing my phone,camera, ipod, purse. so that was somewhat a relief but i still wanted my other stuff so i was determined to go to the park before dinner to find it. don tried to stop me but i went. luckily in my dream the park turned out to be just around the corner from the restaurant. there was a huge section of lost and found items. i found my purse, my phone and my ipod, but i couldnt find my camera anywhere! so i even looked in the grass…never found it.

all the sudden were all walking and my mom says were getting on a train to drop my grandparents off in ohio to see some of their friends. i didnt want to do this and neither did my sister. she was pissed. but we got on the train…my sister was like pouting the whole time ahaha. she started eating chips until she ate a whole bag…then she pointed at someone that had a beer and demanded they give her the beer. so they did and she chugged it. some guy sitting next to my dad was like “you really shouldnt allow your daughter to drink beer.” but my dad just shrugged. all the sudden my sister puked every where all over the bus.

then change of scenery…i’m in house with my mom, dad and sister. my parents own a lot of property and they rent it out. one of our renters always sends the check and with it he sends a painting or a sculpture because he’s an artist. we got a really weird sculpture and my mom asked me what i thought it was. i looked at it and said “it’s king tritan from the little mermaid (you know ariel’s dad)…she says “how do you know?” and i said “here’s his face and beard and there’s ariel and there’s a crab”

seriously?! what kind of dream is this?!

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