Stupid Inspection Sticker.

So NYS vehicles have to pass an emissions and safety inspection every year. You go to a licensed inspector and they check it out, if your car passes you get a sticker that you have to put on your windshield, Lower Left Corner (inside)

Yesterday morning I went to Pep-Boys to get my inspection sticker and oil change (PLAN A). Unfortunately my Check Engine Light was on. The reason it was on is because of a bad oxygen sensor in my car that I’ve been driving with for 3 years. The light goes on and off. They said they would need to do a diagnostic check ($9.99) and if they have to fix anything ($99/hour labor + parts) then the car may be able to pass inspection. I pleaded a little saying it is just a sensor that does nothing but all I got was a dumb look of confusion.

Eventually I said, don’t do the inspection, just change my oil.

After work I drove my car to flushing, thinking I can probably get a shady Asian Mechanic to pass my car ignoring the Check Engine Light (PLAN B). Unfortunately I got there too late and the guy was closing. So then I thought… “Gotta go to PLAN C”.

PLAN C.1: In flushing I looked up the nearest AUTOZONE. Autozone does free diagnostics checks. Mechanics charge anywhere from $9.99 to $49.99 for this diagnostics check. So I get to Autozone and the guy comes out to test the Check Engine Light (CEL). He reports that it is of course the Oxygen Sensor. So I say “Hey that’s great, can you reset the Check Engine light too?” To which he replies “We’re not suppose to do that…” So I say “Soooo can you do it anyway?” Eventually he gives up and says “Well we’re not suppose to but I guess its just an oxygen sensor”. He resets it and I’m on my way.

PLAN C.2: With the Check Engine Light now off, I rush over to R&S Strauss and ask them to inspect my car. It Passes! I get sticker and all is good in the world.

Thank You Autozone!

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