Crazy Dreams…

so i’ve been reading a lot lately, which is something i dont normally do. but my boyfriend suggested i read this series of books and now i’m hooked. the first book was monster island then it goes to monster nation and the last monster planet…and these books are like zombies take over…end of the world…watch out for the zombies stuff. not my typical choice for reading but the books are extremely entertaining. and they are a little scary. i’ve been having crazy and bad dreams for like the past week!

mostly dreams about zombies taking over the world and me trying to get away.

last night i had a dream that me along with my whole family was on a hiking trip. something went wrong in the middle of the trip…i dont know what, but for some reason we couldnt go back to the car and we had to keep walking. and we got lost. we were lost for days….i remember in the dream i would text don and let him know were still lost and were still alive but we dont know for how much longer. it was scary!! then in the last part of the dream we go into like this underground tunnel…kinda reminded me of the subway because there were grates in the ceiling like in the sidewalks. for some reason we thought this would lead us home? luckily some people walking above us heard us through the grates and came to rescue us.

so we were rescued and i remember my family and i just sitting in this room and i get this idea that i should write a book about this experience. so i asked my sister if she texted a lot during this experience because maybe we could use some of our texts in the book. and that’s basically all i remember. it was sooo weird!!!

i would have to say out of the books i’ve read these books have been having some kind of weird effect on me. i’m having dreams…and i’m thinking what if this really happened?! but seriously i dont think it could. i guess it didnt help that the first book took place in manhattan and it was so descriptive about the locations that i felt totally creeped out…even though i’ve only lived here for a little over a year, i knew the places the author was describing.

it’s probably not helping that a lot of my reading is being done before bed.

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