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Honeymoon-Mykonos, Delos tour

Today we woke up around 730 and got ready. We had breakfast at the hotel. The bus came and picked us up at 9 for the Delos tour. From the hotel we went to the port and we had to walk all the way to the other side to get on the boat. We talked to a few people we had seen before like Michelle and Steve. We also made friends with an old couple that had been at our hotel. They were from North Carolina.

Of course on the walk we saw this lovely cat…IMG_0495

On the boat to Delos we talked to a woman about getting seasick and traveling. Delos is an island that has ancient ruins from about 5000 bc. There was running water and toilets, even a sewage system. It’s an active archaeological site and it was pretty cool. The water surrounding the island was pretty, so blue. The tour was guided and lasted about an hour and a half. It was very informative. We saw the remains of an old house and a huge house with marble. There was also a theater and the birthplace of Apollo. I will just put some of the best pictures here…

Puzzle time! Big Brother hahah
Puzzle time! Big Brother hahah







After the tour we had a snack at the café and then headed back to the boat. The boat brought us back at 130. It made us so tired. We got back and ate at a little restaurant and then walked back to the hotel. We followed the coastline so we could see the windmills.






When we got back to the hotel we jumped in the pool and laid out. We slept, relaxed and read. I love Mykonos.




Honeymoon-Mykonos – Snorkeling Beach Marathon!

Our alarm didn’t go off this morning. We wanted it set for 7 am, because we wanted to go to the bank and get more euros. Then we had a 9 am pick up for a car rental. Maybe the reason the alarm failed to go off was because there were power outages all over the island. So we had no power and also no shower. The power luckily came back on soon and I was able to take a shower, while Don went to the bank.

He came back with no euros though because the front desk failed to tell us banks are not open on Saturday. So after breakfast we walked to a place to get some euros. Then we got a call at 9 am from the car rental place. The guy was out front and ready to take us to get our car. We rented a smartcar. It was kind of purple and Don drove it first.


We wanted the car so we could go beach hopping. We went to Psarou Beach first. There were people every where as Don tried to park the car on a hill. It was challenging because the hill was so steep and the car had such a weird brake/accelerator system. Finally we walked down to the beach and the beach had a bunch of nice chairs and tables. The beachfront had a bunch of restaurants on it also. Even though it was busy, it was pretty quiet. We had to have lunch from the restaurant to sit at the chairs or pay 10 euros for 2 people. We figured we would just have lunch since we needed to eat. We ordered a cheeseburger and pizza. The pizza was very good.

When we first got in the water it was cold, but then it felt good. The water was so clear and the salt in it made it sparkle. Don wanted to snorkel so we got our snorkels, good thing because it was awesome. On the side there were rocks with tons of fish and sea life. Fish were surrounding us. It was so cool. I think it was my favorite beach of the day.



Next we drove to Kalafatis Beach. It was much quieter; people were mostly sleeping. There were a few restaurants on the side but we didn’t go there. We wanted to snorkel. There were big rocks with tons of sea life. I think this was Don’s favorite beach. It was fun to just ride the waves and see the fish doing the same.



Next we went to Kalo Livadi. We thought we would snorkel again but the beach was sandy with no sea life really. We saw a few fish following us around but mostly it was a beach to have a good time. We mostly just laid out and tried to get dry. The sun felt so good.

After this beach I tried driving the car. The car was very rough shifting, probably because it had the option to be a manual and it was also very hilly. Going uphill felt like you were just going to fall back down it. But after awhile the driving was okay. I did fine. Don was the navigator. We decided to stop at one more beach, Lia. It was surrounded by rocks, kind of like a mountain. We saw some people hiking. There were hardly any people at this beach. We just walked around, but didn’t get in the water. We took some pictures with some random dog. It was very quiet there. There was a restaurant that seemed kind of weird but relaxing.






Then we took the car back to the rental place. My first time driving in a foreign country was not too bad. Driving in Greece was crazy though! There were bikes, atvs, people and other cars all on these tiny winding hilly streets.

After we returned the cars we got a ride back to the hotel and took showers. Then we went out and had some gyros at a little place not far from the hotel.



After eating we did some more exploring. We found a little desert café place. We had a chocolate cake thing with ice cream. It was probably the best desert I’ve ever had. The people running the place were so nice also.

We got back to the hotel pretty early, but we were tired. But before we got home…we found cats…

Honeymoon-Santorini to Mykonos, worst boat ride ever!

We woke up this morning and had breakfast at the hotel.

We made sure we were all packed then we waited for the bus to come to take us to the port. The bus came and went to several different hotels and drove us to the port. The drive was crazy because the port is at the bottom of the island so we had to drive down a cliff. We had a snack of Greek fries and a coke before getting on the ferry.

Saying goodbye to our tour guide in Santorini
Saying goodbye to our tour guide in Santorini

The ferry to Mykonos was about 3 hours. We left around 1230 and Don and I were separated. We were in the same row but there was a giant space between us.

we were separated!
we were separated!

I made friends with a couple I sat with, Michelle and Stephen. They were from NY. They were traveling with some friends. They were pretty cool. The first half hour of the ferry was fine but then the waves got huge and the boat was just rocking. It felt like sometimes the ferry would flip over. One of the workers started passing out extra puke bags. Tons of people were puking and the waves were just constant. I was feeling horribly sick, but I wasn’t alone Michelle was also. We didn’t puke but it was completely horrible.

this boat was evil!
this boat was evil!

When we finally got off around 4 our tour guide took us to the bus to take us to our hotel. Then he told us he would be at our hotel around 450 to talk to us. When we got to our hotel there were only stairs leading up to it. We were with a bunch of old people so they were not very happy about this. We got to our room; it was room 42. The hotel was very nice, it was called Hotel Despotiko. We walked around the hotel grounds and it was very pretty. Better than the one in Santorini.

Dining Room
Dining Room

we became buddies with this little guy
we became buddies with this little guy

We met with the tour guide to talk about Mykonos. Then we went to walk around Mykonos City. We decided to upgrade our 5 hour ferry ride to Athens to a flight. I just couldn’t do the ferry again. Plus the flight would leave at 11, and the ferry wouldn’t leave until 2 pm and take 5 hours, so we would have a little more time in Athens. Don liked the idea of the flight also. So now we have a 40 minute flight to Athens so hopefully all goes well.

We had dinner at a place on the water and watched the sunset. The sunset was absolutely beautiful.


Then we just walked around and took a lot of pictures. Mykonos was very pretty. I was still feeling dizzy all night from the boat. Here’s some of our best pictures from Mykonos city and check out all the cats I met!












We came back to the hotel around 9. We got some water and watched a little TV, since the TV in our last hotel didn’t work.