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Last day in san antonio

Today is our last day in San Antonio. It was short trip but good to see Kelsey and Jared. We went to a Mexican place for breakfast. I am forgetting the name right now but it was pretty good.

Then we had some time to kill before going to the airport. We tried to go to a few parks but they were not so nice. The first park we tried was San Pedro Park. There were a lot of homeless people and it just seemed not safe. Don found another park not too far from it called Crockett Park. We didn’t even get out of the car here because there were homeless sleeping in the playground. So then we decided to go back to Kelsey and Jared’s.

We walked to a nearby park called Lion’s Field Playground. Don drove the van over so we could just leave from here to the airport. The park was very nice! Lucas played here for about 30 minutes then my dad went over to Shake Shack to pick up shakes for us for he drive to the airport.

Taking the car back and getting through security went pretty quickly. I tried to get Lucas to eat some pasta since he really hadn’t had lunch but he didn’t want any. At one point when I left to get a drink so did my dad and my mom, Lucas said “Where did they go?” and Don said “to get drinks” Lucas said “I want a drink” so Don said “ok what do you want?” and Lucas said “a beer”.  Hahaha

The flight was good. Lucas slept most of the way. He woke up with about 40 minutes left and he was so cranky. Luckily we got him to calm down. Now we are ready to plan our next trip!

Labor day weekend in San Antonio!

We woke up today around 5:45. My parents spent the night here with us last night so they could get to the airport easily. Lucas ate a GIANT peach for breakfast.

We got on the road to O’Hare a little bit before 7 am. The first parking lot we tried to park in was full and a worker gave us a voucher with a little map on it. The map was terrible and tried to show how to get to Parking Lot A. We decided to try Parking Lot F and G but those were full also! Don looked up Parking Lot A on his phone and found it was near the Hilton so we eventually found it. Once we found the parking lot things went smoothly. It was nice because this parking lot just allowed us to walk into the terminal.

After getting through security, we got some breakfast at McDonald’s. We gave Lucas his airplane toy which was the combine from the movie Cars.

Our flight was on time and left at 10 am. Lucas watched Cars for awhile then he fell asleep. He did pretty good on the flight, despite it not being his usual nap time.

Our rental car was a van, a Toyota Sienna. It was huge but great for all of us! We picked up Whataburger on the way to Kelsey and Jared’s house.

We did a little tour of Kelsey and Jared’s house; it is pretty nice! Then we decided to go check out this little carnival thing in the park by the zoo. Lucas had a lot of fun riding the rides. It was hot! It started raining on our way to dinner. Luckily it waited to pour until after we went inside the restaurant called Via 313. Via 313 has Detroit style pizza and it was delicious!! Way better than Chicago deep dish in my opinion, however, NY style still wins!

We came back to the house and got Lucas to bed. He is using his tent set up here also. Then we went to bed a little after.