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San antonio: the pearl and swimming

Lucas woke up so early today, around 5:30. We got him to stay in bed until around 6:45. Once we got up and were trying to get out of the house Lucas was throwing crazy tantrums. He got his toys taken away and then he cried and screamed all the way to breakfast. It was about a 15-20 minute drive. I have never seen him have a tantrum this bad.

We had breakfast at Snooze. I love their egg benedicts. Lucas got out of his fit and did good here. After breakfast we went over to The Pearl Farmer’s Market. It was a nice day to walk around and Lucas got to play in the splash pad.

After the farmer’s market we went back to Kelsey and Jared’s and Lucas had some mac and cheese. He had a rough time going to nap and it was also a rough time after nap when we tried to get ready to go to the pool. Today has really been a struggle.

Kelsey had reserved a pool on the app Swimply. It was pretty cool. It’s a cool concept that people can rent out their pools while they are not using them. Lucas was swimming around really well.

On the way back to Kelsey and Jared’s we ordered some Mexican food from a place called Tito’s. We ate outside on the deck. The food was so good!! The queso was awesome.

After dinner we went on a little walk around the block a few times.

Labor day weekend in San Antonio!

We woke up today around 5:45. My parents spent the night here with us last night so they could get to the airport easily. Lucas ate a GIANT peach for breakfast.

We got on the road to O’Hare a little bit before 7 am. The first parking lot we tried to park in was full and a worker gave us a voucher with a little map on it. The map was terrible and tried to show how to get to Parking Lot A. We decided to try Parking Lot F and G but those were full also! Don looked up Parking Lot A on his phone and found it was near the Hilton so we eventually found it. Once we found the parking lot things went smoothly. It was nice because this parking lot just allowed us to walk into the terminal.

After getting through security, we got some breakfast at McDonald’s. We gave Lucas his airplane toy which was the combine from the movie Cars.

Our flight was on time and left at 10 am. Lucas watched Cars for awhile then he fell asleep. He did pretty good on the flight, despite it not being his usual nap time.

Our rental car was a van, a Toyota Sienna. It was huge but great for all of us! We picked up Whataburger on the way to Kelsey and Jared’s house.

We did a little tour of Kelsey and Jared’s house; it is pretty nice! Then we decided to go check out this little carnival thing in the park by the zoo. Lucas had a lot of fun riding the rides. It was hot! It started raining on our way to dinner. Luckily it waited to pour until after we went inside the restaurant called Via 313. Via 313 has Detroit style pizza and it was delicious!! Way better than Chicago deep dish in my opinion, however, NY style still wins!

We came back to the house and got Lucas to bed. He is using his tent set up here also. Then we went to bed a little after.

Last day in NJ

Despite not having a nap yesterday and going to bed a little late, Lucas was still up at 6 am this morning. During the morning we packed because we are leaving today. Lucas pretended he was doing work in the “basement”, which was the closet in the hotel room. He kept running in and out of the closet. We tried to get breakfast at the hotel but it was too slow, so we went to a Dunkin Donuts near Newark Airport. On the way to the airport Lucas repeated everything the GPS (Karen) said. That was pretty funny. When we got on the flight Lucas asked for the “heart pretzels”, which are the in flight pretzels. He fell asleep before take off and it was a good flight. Overall, Lucas did amazing traveling on this trip and we are ready to go somewhere else!

Family party!

Lucas woke up again around 7 and he was especially crazy. He didn’t want to listen to anything. I got him to calm down and we were downstairs watching Cars while Don showered. I got a phone call from Don, which I thought was weird since we were in the same house, and he said Khris had called to tell him he tested positive for covid. Khris and Jess had just gotten back from Aruba, so they probably picked it up there.

After a few minutes of a little freaking out and trying to figure out what to do because were having a get together at Jonathan’s house today we calmed down and texted Jonathan the situation. We hadn’t been around Khris and Jess much so hopefully we would not get it. We took a covid test to see what our status was. We were both negative and Jonathan and Wiganda were ok with us coming to the party.

We were very sad that Khris and Jess could not come to the party, but still happy we could see some people. We also decided we would get a hotel near Newark Airport, so we could limit our exposure and allow Khris and Jess to move about freely in their home.

Then we packed up and got some Starbucks and headed to Jonathan’s. Don and I left Lucas with Jonathan, Wiganda, and his cousins while we went to pick up the Filipino food we had pre-ordered. We kind of snuck out and when Lucas realized we were gone he was not happy and would not stop crying.

The party was successful. Lots of people were able to show up—Jimmy, Leanne, Glen, Leslie, Anthony, Seba, Miguel, Tracy, Micheal, Teresa, Ari, & Kallan. The food was awesome, but we had so much. The kids got in the pool, jungle gym, and trampoline. The jungle gym had a pole on it that Lucas kept wanting to go down like he was firefighter. We would help him do it, but one time I was across the yard and saw him start to do it himself. I ran over to him but he ended up falling part of the way down. It was so scary but he was ok.

Lucas wasn’t able to nap at all during the day. Every time we tried something would distract him. I felt so bad for him because he was so tired.

After everyone left, Wiganda got the scooters and bikes out. Lucas got a second wind and wanted to scooter. Estelle’s friends stopped by and we went on a scooter walk. I was tired and I could tell Lucas was so tired. We decided around 6 that we needed to leave to go to our hotel. Lucas fell asleep immediately in the car and he was so grouchy when we had to bring him up to the room. He laid on the bed and ate snacks and then we got him in his tent.